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tons per month

More than 1000+ aquatic varieties

Choosing to work with us means you gain access to a network of global suppliers and exciting new species every month.

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Quarantine facilities


Our solutions guarantee maximum customer satisfaction

Direct sourcing

We source directly from farms, aquatic producers and manufacturers in Malaysia, eliminating unnecessary third party costs.

Multiple airport landing options

Our flight network consists of 3 landing airports, multiple agents and airline partnerships. Customers select the flight route and freight cost options that works best for them.

Production facilities

We own and operate three bio-secure facilities across more than 25 acres of land. We are thus able to claim ownership and maximise quality control of the entire supply process.

Quarantine facilities

We have been awarded the Fish Quality Certificate annually since 2017, recognising Greeny Aquaculture as a business that meets the highest hygiene and bio secure requirements.

Domestic logistics network

We have both in-house delivery solutions as well as partnerships with domestic couriers to ensure our local retail partners receive their consignments in a timely manner and with minimal losses.


We have grown our team to consist of more than 50 vibrant individuals today.
We continue to recruit both young graduates and senior staff on a rolling basis.
Send us your resume and application from our contact page.

Raymond Cheah

As the founder and managing director, Raymond Cheah has run Greeny Aquaculture for more than three decades. The business was founded on principles of hard work, discipline as well as constant pursuit of improved technologies through scientific research and collaborations. You can still find him engaged in activities across the various departments on a daily basis.

Esther Lim

Esther Lim is a founding partner and executive director of Greeny Aquaculture, overseeing financial and accounting matters. She takes special interest in and enjoys working with young graduates who are embarking on their careers.

Wanlyn T.

Since establishing the export department back in 2009, Wanlyn has seen Greeny through major milestones such as the establishing of import department in 2018, as well as expansion into e-commerce in 2019. Her mantra has always been to constantly challenge the status quo, reduce risks through diversification, and building of new business units within the company. She stepped down as executive director in 2019 and currently serves as director to Greeny Aquaculture.

Ray Cheah

With an engineering background, Ray Cheah has incorporated his knowledge of automation design into daily export operations, enabling shipments to scale in volume and frequency while maintaining quality levels. He seeks to constantly expand on product offerings and global logistics network so as to remain competitive and seek maximum customer satisfaction. Ray serves as partner and executive director at Greeny Aquaculture.